Universities & Colleges in Utah

University (city) Total StudentsUG (in) / UG (out)G (in) / G (out)
Brigham Young University-Provo (Provo) 33469$6180 / $6180$7210 / $7210
University of Utah (Salt Lake City) 31592$9270 / $27810$8240 / $23690
Utah State University (Logan) 28622$7210 / $20600$7210 / $19570
Westminster College (Salt Lake City) 2821$32960 / $32960$14420 / $14420
Southern Utah University (Cedar City) 8881$7210 / $20600$8240 / $23690
Stevens-Henager College (Orem) 189$19570 / $19570$N/A / $N/A
Weber State University (Ogden) 25955$6180 / $15450$6180 / $16480
University of Phoenix-Utah (Salt Lake City) 896$11330 / $11330$14420 / $14420
Neumont University (Salt Lake City) 472$25750 / $25750$14420 / $14420
Stevens-Henager College (Logan) 95$19570 / $19570$N/A / $N/A
Eagle Gate College-Layton (Layton) 205$15450 / $15450$N/A / $N/A
The Art Institute of Salt Lake City (Draper) 209$18540 / $18540$N/A / $N/A
Broadview University-West Jordan (West Jordan) 160$14420 / $14420$15450 / $15450
Utah Valley University (Orem) 33211$6180 / $16480$7210 / $18540
Argosy University-Salt Lake City (Draper) 209$14420 / $14420$14420 / $14420
Western Governors University (Salt Lake City) 70504$7210 / $7210$7210 / $7210
Careers Unlimited (Orem) 120$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
Broadview University-Layton (Layton) 97$14420 / $14420$N/A / $N/A
Broadview University-Orem (Orem) 91$14420 / $14420$N/A / $N/A
Eagle Gate College-Murray (Murray) 353$16480 / $16480$N/A / $N/A
Everest College-Salt Lake City (West Valley City) 0$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
Stevens-Henager College (West Haven) 226$19570 / $19570$N/A / $N/A
Stevens-Henager College (Murray) 1125$19570 / $19570$16480 / $16480
Dixie State University (Saint George) 8503$5150 / $14420$N/A / $N/A

*UG - Undergraduate
*G - Graduate
*in - In-state Fees
*out - Out-of-State Fees
- Recommended program (Top 250)
Utah is a state in the west of United States. The state is widely popular as a tourist destination and has a rich history. Utah gets its name from Ute tribe, which is a Native American tribe that means people belonging to the mountains. From arid deserts to pine forests, there is something for everyone in the state to discover.

The entire state is divided into three regions namely the Colorado Plateau, Rocky Mountains, and the Great Basin. The state has varied climate with major dry seasons of the year. Some parts of the state like Salt Lake City is hugely crowded, while there are other parts that are least inhabited. Utah has a population of more than 3 million (2017).

The vast educational network of Utah draws many students across the globe for education. Most of the colleges and universities are located centering the Salt Lake City. Most international students stay in Salt Lake City.

University of Utah and Utah State University are two most popular universities in the state, though there are many other private and government run institutions. For instance, St. George is a popular institution that's best known for master level courses, while Utah College of Applied Technology is known for technical courses. The maximum numbers of foreign students in Utah come from China, India followed by South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Canada.

From business to architecture, there are many courses that students can take up in the state. Taking up masters in business at the two popular universities stated above can be a tough task as the numbers of applicants are huge. Engineering is also a decent option for Utah universities aspirants.

Cost of living
Median household income is $63,000 in Utah (top 15 states in US). Cost of living in Utah islower thannational average.

Companies / Economy
Some of the major employers are Adobe systems, Goldman Sachs, BYU, Fidelity Brokerage Services, Vivint, Inc, L3 Communications Corporation, University of Utah, Delta Airlines, Ebay, Inc.