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Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Utah - The Beehive State

Utah is a state in the west of the United States. The state is widely popular as a tourist destination and has a rich history. Utah gets its name from the Ute tribe, which is a Native American tribe that means people belonging to the mountains. However, the other side of the story is that the territory was once inhabited by another tribe called the Navajo Indians who were also known as "Yuttahih" which meant 'one that is higher up'. The European settlers misinterpreted the term for the Ute tribe, and hence, named the region after them.

The entire state is divided into three regions namely the Colorado Plateau, Rocky Mountains, and the Great Basin. From arid deserts to pine forests, there is something for everyone in the state to discover. Salt Lake City is the state's capital as well as the largest city in Utah. The state experiences a sub-tropical climate and has predominantly dry weather throughout the year. Some parts of the state like Salt Lake City are hugely crowded, while other parts are least inhabited. Utah has an estimated population of more than 3 million (2021).

Major Cities in Utah

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the biggest city in Utah with an estimated population of around 198,000. It was established as a city in 1847 and is the capital city of Utah. It is a major educational hub because of the presence of several educational institutions such as the University of Utah, Westminster College, and the University of Phoenix-Utah. Salt Lake City is a vibrant city with several beautiful attractions such as the Mormon Temple, Natural History Museum of Utah, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Liberty Park, Utah State Capitol, and Red Butte Garden.

West Valley City

With a population of about 136,000, West Valley City is the second-biggest city in Utah. It was established as a city in the year 1980 and is located in Salt Lake County. It is known for its cultural diversity as well as its affordability. The Jordan River Parkway Trail, Utah Cultural Celebration Center, Lodestone Park, USANA Amphitheatre, Clark Planetarium, Valley Regional Park, and The Utah Symphony are some of the most popular places to visit in this city.


Provo is the third-largest city in Utah with a population of roughly 117,000. Provo was named after the French-Canadian explorer Etienne Provost and was established as a city in 1849. The city is well known for the most reputed educational institution of the state, the Brigham Young University-Provo. It is also known for its booming technological sector. Popular tourist attractions are abundant in this city that includes Mount Timpanogos, Bridal Veil Falls, Springville Museum of Art, Utah Lake State Park, Provo Canyon, Provo City Center Utah Temple, and so on.

West Jordan

West Jordan is the fourth major city in the state of Utah with a population of about 116,000. It was established as a city in 1849 and was named by its Mormon settlers after the Jordan River in Palestine. West Jordan has a diverse economy with major sectors like manufacturing, healthcare services, and mining. Given that the city has considerably low crime rates, it is one of the safest cities in Utah, and also one of the most affordable. Popular sites include Bingham Copper Mine, Conservation Garden Park, West Jordan Off-Leash Dog Park, Little Cottonwood Creek, Butterfield Canyon, and so on.

Economy/Job Market

Utah is known as the 'Beehive State' pertaining to the motto of the state, that is "industry". This is to display the hard work and industrious nature of its citizens or workers. This is rightly represented through the booming economy of Utah.

Tuition Fee and Living Cost in Utah

The cost of living in Utah is higher than the national average, with housing costs being the highest followed by healthcare services. Transportation is the cheapest when compared to the national average. Some of the most expensive cities in Utah are Heber, Fruit Heights, Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ivins. The most affordable places to live in are Washington Terrace, Sunset, Roosevelt, Hyrum, Nibley, Price, and Roy. According to reports by the American Community Survey (ACS), the median household income for Utah is around $76,000 which is higher than the national median household income (around $66,000). The educational costs are however reasonable in this state and are extremely affordable for the in-state students. Brigham Young University-Provo is the best educational institute in the state and provides the best learning experience with a tuition fee of just $6,300 (approx.).

List of Few Major Universities/Colleges

The vast educational network of Utah draws many students from across the globe for education. Most of the colleges and universities are located in Salt Lake City. The best colleges/universities in the state of Utah are:

Scholarships/Financial Aid for Students

There are various scholarships and grants aided by the state government, federal government, or individual institutions. They may be classified into several types based on need, merit, vocation, major, and so on. Students need to submit the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before applying for any kind of scholarship or grant. Every financial aid depends on the FAFSA to determine the qualification of the candidate for grants and scholarships.


Even though Utah is a semi-arid region that remains dry throughout the year, it experiences extreme heat as well as cold. It is best to visit the state when it is moderately warm around April to May, and moderately cool around September and October. The state is filled with a plethora of natural wonders which are ideal for trekking, hiking, and biking activities. Popular places one must explore on visiting the Beehive State are Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Salt Lake City and the Mormon Temple, Capitol Reef National Park, Park City, Dead Horse Point State Park, and a lot more.

Universities & Colleges in Utah

University (city) Total StudentsUG (in) / UG (out)G (in) / G (out)
Brigham Young University-Provo (Provo) 33469$6272 / $6272$7318 / $7318
University of Utah (Salt Lake City) 38652$9409 / $29272$9409 / $28227
Utah State University (Logan) 32963$8363 / $24045$8363 / $22999
Southern Utah University (Cedar City) 14369$7318 / $21954$9409 / $26136
Westminster College (Salt Lake City) 2788$36590 / $36590$15681 / $15681
The Art Institute of Salt Lake City (Draper) 209$18818 / $18818$N/A / $N/A
Dixie State University (Saint George) 12263$6272 / $16727$7318 / $16727
University of Phoenix-Utah (Salt Lake City) 896$11499 / $11499$14636 / $14636
Everest College-Salt Lake City (West Valley City) 0$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
Utah Valley University (Orem) 45080$6272 / $17772$11499 / $28227
Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College (Ogden) 2433$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
Broadview University-Layton (Layton) 97$14636 / $14636$N/A / $N/A
Weber State University (Ogden) 36043$6272 / $16727$9409 / $18818
Stevens-Henager College (Murray) 1125$19863 / $19863$16727 / $16727
Broadview University-West Jordan (West Jordan) 134$17772 / $17772$16727 / $16727
Eagle Gate College-Layton (Layton) 205$15681 / $15681$N/A / $N/A
Broadview University-Orem (Orem) 91$14636 / $14636$N/A / $N/A
Stevens-Henager College (Logan) 95$19863 / $19863$N/A / $N/A
Stevens-Henager College (West Haven) 226$19863 / $19863$N/A / $N/A
Eagle Gate College-Murray (Murray) 353$16727 / $16727$N/A / $N/A
Stevens-Henager College (Orem) 189$19863 / $19863$N/A / $N/A
Western Governors University (Salt Lake City) 174699$7318 / $7318$8363 / $8363
Careers Unlimited (Orem) 120$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
Mountainland Applied Technology College (Lehi) 2117$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
Argosy University-Salt Lake City (Draper) 209$14636 / $14636$14636 / $14636
Neumont University (Salt Lake City) 472$26136 / $26136$14636 / $14636

*UG - Undergraduate
*G - Graduate
*in - In-state Fees
*out - Out-of-State Fees
- Recommended program (Top 250)