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Last Updated: July 11, 2021

Texas - The Lone Star State

Texas is located towards the south of the country and is America's second-most populous state. English and Spanish are the languages mostly spoken and the capital of the state is Austin. The estimated population of Texas in the year 2021 is around 30 million. After the Declaration of Independence from Mexico, Texas created its new flag with a single star symbol on it, to represent solidarity. This is how Texas got its nickname, the Lone Star State. The weather here ranges from partly sunny to sunny. The summers are not really warm, and the fall and the spring seasons are delightful. The south of the state has lovely beaches with a year-round semi-tropical type climate where there are mountains on the state's western border and the northern side receives snowfall.

With more than 200 higher education institutions to take your pick from, plus a diverse culture and environment, Texas is a beautiful place not just to earn but to live as well. The state boasts some of the biggest counts of Fortune 500 companies across the U.S. and is also one of the top states to export products. Texas has broadened its industry's infrastructure over the last few years and the state's now one of the leaders in industry sectors like energy, computers, petrochemicals, biomedical, electronics, agriculture, and aerospace. The opportunities in Texas are immense; it is so much you can find here, all under one roof, which makes Texas a perfect destination for international and national students to pursue their studies.

You will find more than 500 universities and colleges, all within Texas's border, where pupils can choose from a range of programs and schools. A lot of educational institutions are located around the Arlington/Fort Worth/ Dallas areas as well as San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and El Paso areas, however much more are spread across the rural areas too. Some notable institutions here are Texas Tech, Rice University, the University of Texas, etc.

Major Cities in Texas


A dynamic city with great attractions, food, culture, and also a rich history, it is the largest city in the state of Texas. Popular for its flourishing visual and performing arts, it is home to some of the finest attractions such as the Houston Grand Opera, Houston Ballet, and Houston Symphony Orchestra. It is also nicknamed the 'Space City' because of NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center situated here.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the most famous and the second-largest city in Texas. It is an economic and cultural hub and home to a multitude of tourist destinations, shops, and restaurants. The art and architecture in this city have got a Mexican and Spanish flavor to them. Popular attractions include the RiverWalk (Paseo Del Rio) which gives it the nickname the River City, The San Antonio Botanical Gardens and Conservatory, Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum: the first museum of modern art, El Mercado, a marketplace with a Mexican touch, San Antonio Zoo and a lot more.


A flourishing cosmopolitan city, Dallas is the third-largest city in the state of Texas. It was founded by John Neely Bryan in the year 1841. It is also popular for its mouthwatering delicacies like Chile con queso and chips, Tex-Mex, Pecan pies and so much more. Along with being a rich cultural hub, Dallas also has a diverse economy with its leading sectors being defense, finance, transportation, and so on. Dallas is home to many performing arts centers and museums such as The Dallas Opera, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Dallas Theater Center, The Frontiers of Flight Museum, The Dallas Museum of Art, and The Dallas Museum of Natural History. The prestigious Southern Methodist University is situated in Dallas.


Named after Stephen F. Austin, the "father of Texas", Austin is the capital city of Texas. With its flourishing economy, Austin is a great place for a number of job opportunities. Popularly called the 'Live Music Capital of the World' Austin is a great venue for music shows, festivals, and musicians. It is a major educational and cultural center, with lush green landscapes and parks. Austin is also home to one of the top institutions of higher learning, The University of Texas.

Economy/Job Market

Even after the challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a significant boost in the economic activity of Texas, according to 2021 reports. Even after this visible growth in the economy, the job market seems to be facing a loss as of now and will take some time to be back to the pre-pandemic employment situation. Major industrial sectors in the state of Texas include Agriculture, Aerospace and Aviation, energy, Automotive industries, Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Tourism. The state boasts some of the biggest counts of Fortune 500 companies across the U.S. and is also one of the top states to export products.

Tuition Fee and Living Costs in Texas

Tuition and other costs at most of the Texas universities (especially the public universities here) are quite comparative to various other educational institutions across the U.S. There are a lot of graduate programs that are provided by the universities in Texas, including business administration, architecture, engineering, education, technology, and law. The institutions in the state are some of the best, known for their work related to research and technology. The tuition fee can always vary depending upon the type of institution (public/private) and the chosen academic program. The fees structure for in-state students is different as compared to that for out-state students. The fees for in states student is comparatively lower. The in-state undergraduate tuition fees at the University of Texas at Austin, for instance, is around $11,000 and the out-of-state tuition fee is around $37,000, for the year 2021. The cost of living is exceptionally low, with the housing costs much lower than overall utilities. The transportation costs are a bit higher than the US average.

List of Few Major Universities/Colleges

Texas is a lovely "melting pot" of the nation as pupils from various countries, cultures, and nationalities have helped in the forming of the state and more and more international students keep coming in every year to pursue their graduate and higher studies in Texas. The colleges and universities here encourage students to participate in various campus activities and multicultural club activities. Following are the top five Institutions in Texas:
  1. The University of Texas at Austin- One of the biggest and the most distinguished public research institutes in the country, The University of Texas at Austin is the epicenter of quality degree programs, exceptional academic research, and is home to more than 3000 faculty members. The university was founded in the year 1883, and ranks 42 nationally, according to the 2021 report by U.S. News.
  2. Texas A & M University-College Station- Founded in the year 1876, this is the first public research institute for higher learning in the state of Texas. Top-notch in its academic brilliance, the university offers more than 130 undergraduate programs, 175 master’s degree programs, 92 Ph.D. programs, and ongoing research projects funded by NASA and National Science Foundation. The university holds the 66th position nationally, in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges according to US News.
  3. Rice University- Situated in the city of Houston, Rice University is a prestigious private research institute that was founded in the year 1912, with an acceptance rate of 16%. It is known for its high level of research activity and ranks 16 nationally, according to US News. Popular courses include Computer Science, Engineering, Biochemistry, and Economics.
  4. Baylor College of Medicine- This is another esteemed private university placed in the city of Houston and was founded in the year 1900. It is the most affordable medical institute as it does not charge tuition fees for undergraduate students ( both in-state and out-of-state ). According to U.S.News, 2021, the institution ranks 2 in Nursing Anesthetic, 3 in physician Assistant, 17 in Best Medical Schools- Primary Care, and 22 in Best Medical School- Research.
  5. The University of Texas at Dallas- a highly reputed public research institutes, situated in Richardson, The University of Texas at Dallas was founded in the year 1969. the institution is known for its excellent teaching staff and welcoming atmosphere, with over 140-degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Popular courses include engineering, Computer Sciences, Business, and Marketing.

Scholarships/Financial Aid for Students

The Lone Star State gives access to numerous financial aids and scholarships for the smooth running of higher education for students. They are made available to the students based on several categorical requirements such as academic merit and monetary needs, or a combination of both. The 'Free Application For Federal Student Aid' (FAFSA) is to be filled by the residents of Texas prior to the application for any kind of financial aid. Every financial aid supported by the federal or the state government depends on the FAFSA to determine the qualification of the candidate for grants and scholarships.


When it comes to the unique culture, unpretentious charm, and rich history, the Lone Star State is indeed the star of the nation. Texas is not only popular for its BBQ, thriving art and music, and bustling markets, it is also home to some of the most renowned celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Jim Parsons, Selena Gomez, and more. With its multitude of beautiful landscapes, countrysides, museums, historical sites, and other tourist destinations, Texas offers an experience of both excitement and tranquility. The ideal time to visit Texas is between the end of March and the month of April, which is the early spring season. The most popular location out here is the RiverWalk (Paseo Del Rio), which draws a number of tourists for its exquisite scenery, as one gets to enjoy lip-smacking delicacies alongside the aesthetic beauty of the river.

Universities & Colleges in Texas

University (city) Total StudentsUG (in) / UG (out)G (in) / G (out)
The University of Texas at Austin (Austin) 50950$10454 / $36590$11499 / $21954
Texas A & M University-College Station (College Station) 73267$12545 / $39727$11499 / $24045
Rice University (Houston) 7542$52272 / $52272$52272 / $52272
Baylor College of Medicine (Houston) 1572$N/A / $N/A$27181 / $27181
The University of Texas at Dallas (Richardson) 24554$11499 / $28227$12545 / $24045
The University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington) 60035$12545 / $30318$11499 / $24045
Texas Tech University (Lubbock) 41153$10454 / $20908$9409 / $16727
Southern Methodist University (Dallas) 12825$59590 / $59590$50181 / $50181
University of Houston (Houston) 51999$10454 / $22999$10454 / $19863
Baylor University (Waco) 18956$50181 / $50181$37636 / $37636
University of North Texas (Denton) 43963$12545 / $22999$8363 / $16727
The University of Texas at San Antonio (San Antonio) 35755$9409 / $21954$8363 / $27181
The University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso) 29881$9409 / $26136$7318 / $17772
Trinity University (San Antonio) 2774$47045 / $47045$44954 / $44954
Texas Christian University (Fort Worth) 11499$52272 / $52272$32408 / $32408
Austin College (Sherman) 1317$43908 / $43908$51227 / $51227
University of Dallas (Irving) 2387$37636 / $37636$24045 / $24045
The University of Texas at Tyler (Tyler) 12289$9409 / $24045$8363 / $17772
LeTourneau University (Longview) 2795$29272 / $29272$20908 / $20908
Southwestern University (Georgetown) 1515$39727 / $39727$N/A / $N/A
Saint Edward's University (Austin) 4682$50181 / $50181$31363 / $31363
University of St Thomas (Houston) 3890$33454 / $33454$22999 / $22999
St Mary's University (San Antonio) 3899$34499 / $34499$19863 / $19863
Houston Baptist University (Houston) 4374$35545 / $35545$13590 / $13590
University of Houston-Clear Lake (Houston) 10992$8363 / $21954$10454 / $19863
Dallas Baptist University (Dallas) 5788$32408 / $32408$20908 / $20908
Texas State University (San Marcos) 42780$11499 / $24045$9409 / $18818
Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi) 14249$10454 / $21954$7318 / $16727
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (Belton) 4198$29272 / $29272$19863 / $19863
Texas Lutheran University (Seguin) 1550$32408 / $32408$32408 / $32408
Stephen F Austin State University (Nacogdoches) 14948$9409 / $19863$8363 / $15681
Texas A & M University-Texarkana (Texarkana) 2515$8363 / $21954$6272 / $15681
Texas Wesleyan University (Fort Worth) 3019$33454 / $33454$17772 / $17772
Sam Houston State University (Huntsville) 23705$9409 / $19863$9409 / $16727
Abilene Christian University (Abilene) 4544$32408 / $32408$20908 / $20908
Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene) 2555$32408 / $32408$14636 / $14636
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Edinburg) 33766$9409 / $19863$8363 / $15681
Texas A & M University-Commerce (Commerce) 14618$9409 / $22999$7318 / $15681
The University of Texas of the Permian Basin (Odessa) 8165$7318 / $8363$7318 / $7318
Tarleton State University (Stephenville) 15191$8363 / $18818$8363 / $15681
West Texas A & M University (Canyon) 11875$9409 / $10454$7318 / $8363
McMurry University (Abilene) 1339$29272 / $29272$17772 / $17772
Lamar University (Beaumont) 19727$9409 / $19863$9409 / $16727
University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio) 10950$34499 / $34499$20908 / $20908
Texas A & M University-Kingsville (Kingsville) 9764$10454 / $26136$6272 / $14636
The King's University (Southlake) 759$13590 / $13590$10454 / $10454
Angelo State University (San Angelo) 11737$8363 / $18818$7318 / $15681
East Texas Baptist University (Marshall) 1717$29272 / $29272$14636 / $14636
Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls) 7039$10454 / $12545$7318 / $8363
Texas Woman's University (Denton) 19075$8363 / $19863$8363 / $16727
University of Houston-Downtown (Houston) 17682$7318 / $17772$9409 / $16727
University of Houston-Victoria (Victoria) 5465$7318 / $17772$8363 / $16727
Southwestern Assemblies of God University (Waxahachie) 2558$22999 / $22999$12545 / $12545
Concordia University-Texas (Austin) 2559$30318 / $30318$12545 / $12545
Texas A & M International University (Laredo) 9511$8363 / $19863$7318 / $15681
Schreiner University (Kerrville) 1807$32408 / $32408$25090 / $25090
Our Lady of the Lake University (San Antonio) 3777$31363 / $31363$18818 / $18818
Wayland Baptist University (Plainview) 6603$24045 / $24045$15681 / $15681
Lubbock Christian University (Lubbock) 1958$21954 / $21954$8363 / $8363
Howard Payne University (Brownwood) 1163$27181 / $27181$9409 / $9409
Prairie View A & M University (Prairie View) 10565$11499 / $27181$8363 / $17772
Southwestern Adventist University (Keene) 918$24045 / $24045$24045 / $24045
Texas Southern University (Houston) 10979$9409 / $22999$7318 / $15681
Huston-Tillotson University (Austin) 1138$15681 / $15681$10454 / $10454
Dallas Christian College (Dallas) 316$17772 / $17772$N/A / $N/A
Paul Quinn College (Dallas) 424$9409 / $9409$N/A / $N/A
Sul Ross State University (Alpine) 2755$9409 / $22999$6272 / $13590
Brite Divinity School (Fort Worth) 217$N/A / $N/A$19863 / $19863
Texas Chiropractic College Foundation Inc (Pasadena) 282$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
South University-The Art Institute of Dallas (Dallas) 853$20908 / $20908$25090 / $25090
Austin Graduate School of Theology (Austin) 44$11499 / $11499$9409 / $9409
Brazosport College (Lake Jackson) 4221$4181 / $6272$N/A / $N/A
Texas College (Tyler) 853$11499 / $11499$N/A / $N/A
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Austin) 159$N/A / $N/A$14636 / $14636
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas) 2295$7318 / $21954$7318 / $17772
American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Med (Houston) 138$N/A / $N/A$15681 / $15681
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston) 551$6272 / $25090$7318 / $28227
National American University-Austin (Austin) 138$14636 / $14636$N/A / $N/A
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (San Antonio) 3881$8363 / $21954$5227 / $13590
AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (Austin) 176$N/A / $N/A$13590 / $13590
The University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) 4054$9409 / $24045$9409 / $18818
University of North Texas Health Science Center (Fort Worth) 2382$N/A / $N/A$6272 / $18818
Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas) 2132$N/A / $N/A$16727 / $16727
The University of Texas at Brownsville (Brownsville) 4029$5227 / $6272$1045 / $1045
Houston Graduate School of Theology (Houston) 154$N/A / $N/A$9409 / $9409
Jarvis Christian College (Hawkins) 863$12545 / $12545$N/A / $N/A
South Texas College of Law (Houston) 1042$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
Argosy University-Dallas (Farmers Branch) 392$14636 / $14636$14636 / $14636
Parker University (Dallas) 1990$27181 / $27181$13590 / $13590
Texas Health and Science University (Austin) 137$17772 / $17772$15681 / $15681
Southwestern Christian College (Terrell) 150$8363 / $8363$N/A / $N/A
Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary (Jacksonville) 178$7318 / $7318$7318 / $7318
Arlington Baptist College (Arlington) 184$15681 / $15681$9409 / $9409
Amberton University (Garland) 2050$8363 / $8363$7318 / $7318
College of Biblical Studies-Houston (Houston) 423$7318 / $7318$N/A / $N/A
Northwood University-Texas (Cedar Hill) 255$11499 / $11499$36590 / $36590
Hallmark University (San Antonio) 859$N/A / $N/A$N/A / $N/A
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (Houston) 6553$12545 / $37636$10454 / $34499
Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest (Austin) 96$N/A / $N/A$15681 / $15681
American InterContinental University-Houston (Houston) 687$15681 / $15681$19863 / $19863
Messenger College (Euless) 111$9409 / $9409$N/A / $N/A
Oblate School of Theology (San Antonio) 134$N/A / $N/A$12545 / $12545
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Lubbock) 7315$10454 / $24045$10454 / $20908
The Art Institute of Houston (Houston) 1642$18818 / $18818$N/A / $N/A
South Texas College (McAllen) 34371$4181 / $5227$N/A / $N/A
Baptist University of the Americas (San Antonio) 195$8363 / $8363$N/A / $N/A
Midland College (Midland) 5430$4181 / $5227$N/A / $N/A
Wiley College (Marshall) 1172$12545 / $12545$12545 / $12545

*UG - Undergraduate
*G - Graduate
*in - In-state Fees
*out - Out-of-State Fees
- Recommended program (Top 250)